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Foldable Black Gold Mirror Lens

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Making your own choices is the main mission statement of NGRY. We don’t want to be told what to do, wear or look like to be accepted according to the standards of the big multinationals and their multimillion dollar marketing budgets. We don’t let them tell us what looks good and they certainly don’t tell us how to be ourselves!

We make our own stuff and do so for fun. We can do this for way lower prices, because we don’t spend more money on marketing and advertising then we do on the actual product. We don’t pay moviestars and sportscelebrities to show you what to wear. Those obnoxious guys get paid a shitload to wear it, it’s not like they picked it out themselves. And even if they did, who fucking cares?

We just show you what we like, and hope you like it too. If not, no worries, we won’t try to convince you in buying it anyway. What we do want to convince you of, is sharing your ideas with us. We want to foresee in the needs of people, instead of creating those. On the website you’ll find a contact button, just click it and go loose!

So please, stay focussed, be awesome and be NGRY. Cause if you’re not NGRY, you’re just not paying attention!


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